My Story

As a baby, my mom always dressed me in polos and button down shirts. She loved how I looked in those types of clothes. At the age of 5, she started making bow ties for me to wear in different colors and prints that she couldn’t always find in stores. Then the summer after I turned 7, I told my parents that I wanted to start my own business. So in July of 2017, Smart Guy Style was born. I wanted to share my unique style with young boys. I wanted others to see that it’s okay to be different. Being smart and cool is a thing that we can all embrace.

In March 2020, the pandemic hit and going out was no longer an option. I had to pivot in my business and add on products that people can wear and still support my brand. I now offer apparel for all ages.

Handmade and Locally sourced 

All bow ties, suspenders, and lapel pins are made by myself and my mom. We’ve partnered with local shops to create all other accessories and apparel.